Feet of mountain snow possible this weekend, WSDOT urges drivers to be prepared

Winter storm weather has returned to Western Washington, bringing with it an active weather pattern. With multiple strong fronts forecast, expect rain and gusty winds in the lowlands and heavy snow in the Cascades. 

Friday morning brought a taste of what’s ahead on Snoqualmie Pass. Parts of eastbound I-90 reopened in North Bend after 30 semi-trucks spun out Friday morning, according to WSDOT. 

Troopers worked to clear up the roadway from milepost 36 to milepost 37 after 6:30 a.m. 

The trucks did not chain up, according to troopers.  

Washington State Patrol Trooper Rick Johnson said chains were not initially required until milepost 47, which means truck drivers would not face citations because of the enforcement zone.

That has since changed. For eastbound travelers, chains are required on all vehicles except those that are all-wheel drive. Oversized vehicles are prohibited. 


Seattle weather: Heavy mountain snow, gusty winds & lowland rain into Saturday

Showers, mountain snow and gusty winds tonight for Western Washington. 

At an area rest stop near the summit, Linda Moran said she’s being mindful of driving conditions. 

"I have to go through the Cascades," said Moran. "I’m going slow. I’m watching out for what other people are doing because some of them are just going fast. A lot of people are tailgating." 

In a safety video posted online, WSDOT Maintenance Supervisor Scoot Montgomery warned drivers about driving with improper tires. 

"I think drivers need to take responsibility," said Montgomery. "There’s so much drivers can do to protect themselves. Number one is that they need to stop underestimating these storms and they need to stop overestimating their driving abilities."

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