3 infants among 5 people stabbed at New York City daycare

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. - Three infants, all one month or younger, were stabbed in a New York City day care early Friday, police said.

Authorities were called at about 3:40 a.m. to a residence serving as a day care on 161st Street between 45th and 43rd Avenues in Flushing.

According to police, adults upstairs heard screaming from below. They came downstairs and saw a 52-year-old woman stabbing three female infants with a butcher knife and machete.

A 1-month-old and a 3-day-old baby were stabbed in the stomach. A 20-day-old was stabbed in the ear, chin and mouth, said police.

The father of one of the children tried to intervene and was stabbed in the leg, police said.

The woman also stabbed one female co-worker eight times, police told WPIX.

According to authorities, there were nine children and their parents at the location during the time of the incident.

Police arrived and discovered the woman in the basement kitchen with self-inflicted knife wounds on her arm. She was taken into a custody for a psych evaluation, said authorities.