3-year-old girl's fingers partially severed in an escalator accident

SALT LAKE CITY -- A 3-year-old Utah girl had two of her fingers partially severed in an escalator accident at a store in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, according to KSTU.

Emergency crews responded to Smith's grocery store after a 3-year-old "had gotten her fingers cut in an escalator," according to Audra Sorensen, a public information officer for the Salt Lake City Fire Department.

Two of the girl's fingers were severed below the knuckle, officials said.

Sorensen said it's unclear what led up to the accident.

“I think that it’s a great reminder that accidents can happen anywhere at any time, and you should always just immediately call 911,” Sorensen said. “Be very attentive of things around you, because even though they are simple things you never know when, especially with young children, little accidents can occur.

Sorensen also urged parents to pay attention to warnings signs on escalators.

“Every warning sign feels like it’s too much, right? But the truth is everything has some kind of risk associated to it,” she said.

Smith's issued a statement to KUTV:

“We feel terrible this unfortunate incident took place at our store. Safety is one our core corporate values so we are grateful our Store Manager took immediate action to receive medical attention. We understand she was taken to Primary Children’s Medical Center and we are thankful for their medical care. Our hearts are with her and her family and we will be following her recovery.”