4-year-old Lacey boy returns home after vicious attack by pet: 'He's not scared of dogs, but leery...'

WARNING: Boy suffered serious facial wounds that some may find disturbing in video:

LACEY, Wash. -- It’s been just over a week since he was attacked by his pet dog, and now 4-year old Gavin Evans is back home from the hospital.

Gavin suffers from a broken jaw and missing teeth, but his mother, Alissa, said he hasn't skipped a beat since returning to his Lacey home. He's already running around and playing with friends.

Gavin and his family had their pit bull, "Smash", about two weeks when the dog attacked him in their backyard and ripped at his nose and face.

Smash is now in his final days of quarantine, and is expected to be euthanized sometime next week.

While Gavin's physical wounds are expected to heal, Alissa said she is worried about the emotional ones.

“He’s not scared of dogs, but he’s still leery of them, not like he was,” said Alissa Evans. “If he hears a dog barking, you have to say it’s a small dog. He only likes small dogs.”

Evans is trying to raise funds to get Gavin new teeth. She said that won’t be covered under insurance because it would be a cosmetic procedure. Here's the link if you'd like to donate: