5-month-old girl meets her first ballerina; magic happens

You’re never too young to have your dreams come true.

A 5-month-old girl’s reaction to meeting a ballerina for the first time quickly made its way across the internet after her family posted it on Reddit recently.

“We took one picture where we were all facing forward and Stella was making a normal, unimpressed face,” mom Kiersten told TODAY and confirmed to Q13 News. “Then, I turned her so she could actually see the ballerina and she just lit up. Her whole face and demeanor changed. She was really excited and she just stared and made direct eye contact.”

She said the reaction by her daughter, Stella, might’ve been related to the age of the dancer, 14-year-old Abigail Cowan.

She said she sent a copy of the photo after the Sept. 18 meeting, and that they’ve exchanged messages since.

“A lot of times parenting can be really challenging and tiring and stressful, but then you have moments where it just makes it all worth it, and this was one of those moments,” the mom said.