5 steps to safer passwords


1.  If a site allows it, use two-step verification:  Some sites allow you to set a password and then identify a photo of your choosing, others have passwords followed by secret questions

2.  Use a mnemonic device or uncommon formula to create more secure passwords:  I Love The 12th Man! becomes ILT12M!

3.  Don't use the same password everywhere:  Break passwords into groups like banking, email, social networking, shopping and frequently visited.  Use a different master password for each, but add two letters to the end of each that are site specific.  So ILT12M!fb would be for your Facebook account.

4.  Use a password manager:  LastPass, PasswordBox and 1Password are all good.

5.  If all else fails write down your complicated passwords on a piece of paper, keep it in your wallet and set a reminder in your phone to change it at the beginning of each month.