5 things you didn't know about Sasquatch! (PHOTO GALLERY)

GEORGE, Wash. -- Who would have thunk it. You're back at Q13 FOX News, reading a music blog. A year later, the finest news station in Seattle is still not known for our prosaic pieces on intricate instrumentals. Despite how we try.

But you're here. And we're HERE. Here being the Gorge Amphitheater, at the 2015 Sasquatch! music festival. We decided yet again rather than try to fake it, say we were thoroughly impressed with Sleater-Kinney's standout performance (we were) and generation-defining lyrics (they seem to be), we'll give you what we're good at. What we were already compiling the moment our 1995 Dodge Caravan crested the dusty hill to spot the five stages on the edge of the river.

A list!

5 things you didn't know about Sasquatch! and the Gorge Amphitheater

1. It rains -- Despite what you've heard about Eastern Washington, it does rain. Even on Memorial Day Weekend. The rain can wreak havoc on the ill-prepared 20-somethings. Cheap rain flaps don't hold up to the heavy winds of the plateau. Cut-off jean shorts and tank tops don't hold up too well, either. The slope of the amphitheater quickly becomes slick. Slip-and-slide slick. But somehow, despite a few grumpy faces, the rain brings the revelers closer together. We're all in this. We can worry about our soaking shoes and damp feet once the music's done.

2. They're a lot more Canadians than you might expect -- In line for the toilets, passing through the campsite and in friendly passings, the question "where are you from" always comes up. The answer, almost inevitably, is Canada. Vancouver, Alberta, Toronto. Maple leaf flags hanging above RVs dot the sky. The more the merrier, we say. Always willing to help prop up a tent or lend some napkins, our friendly neighbors to the north make fun festival goers.

3. The median age seems to be around 21 -- Sure, there are a couple of grey hairs. But there seems to be way more of the "are you old enough to be drinking that beer crowd." While there are a few tears from young, - festival-goers (We heard "I've lost my friends" screamed out plenty of times during the night), the young crowd makes for good times. Tunes blasting from cars last all through the night, and the youthful energy is contagious. That is, until the sun comes up and the headache sets in. Then it's, "Turn down that music, you hooligans!"

4. The best bands are the one's you've never heard of -- When we proposed this idea to a few campsite neighbors, the response was, "Yeah, duh." But for those of us inexperienced with the festival scene, this is a big surprise. Sure, you come for Robert Plant and Modest Mouse, but we will surely leave remembering Little Dragon and Flume. The bands we came for are mainstays, but the real treasure is leaving with new music on the playlist. That, apparently, is what it's about.

5. The comedy portion of the festival is underrated -- While we got in too late to see any standup routines yesterday (we have to work, you know), the comedy is perhaps the most little known portion of Sasquatch!. The respite you feel from laying down in the grass, being away from the tunes, and listening to well-crafted jokes is priceless, especially as the sun comes out. It's easy to drift under the cool comedy tent, but it's just as easy to get caught up in laughter. Doug Benson, Leslie Jones, Nick Thune and others. The laughs are just as easy to love as the guitar riffs.