5-year-old girl saves blind grandmother after house catches fire

KENNER, La. -- A quick-thinking 5-year-old girl used what she learned at school to get her grandmother to safety after their home caught fire.

Cloe Woods is a preschooler in Kenner, Louisiana. She learned a valuable lesson last October when the local fire departments visited her class.

WWL reports the stove caught on fire Wednesday morning triggering the smoke detector. So Cloe ran into her blind grandma's room, told her grab her shoulder, and led her out of the home to safety.

"Grandma, don't worry about your shoes, the house is on fire."

"She told my mom to hold her shoulder and that they had to get out of the house," Cloe's mother Shone Arceneaux said. "She was running and telling the neighbors to call 911, and I said what's going on. She said the house is on fire, so I jump out of the car and said what?."

"She saved her grandmother's life and saved her own life," said Kenner Fire Department Chief John Hellmers.

Cloe's school has set up a GoFundMe page for the family.