7-week-old boy stuns mom, Internet when he says 'hello' (VIDEO)

NEW YORK -- Video of a 7-week-old baby saying -- well, appearing to say "hello" -- took the Internet by storm Thursday.

In a video posted to Facebook by Cool FM, an Ireland radio station, a Belfast mother is heard cooing to her little boy, trying to get him to say "hello." The baby tries to mimic a response to his mom, and can be heard saying the greeting fairly clearly a couple of times.

The proud mom told the News Letter that it seemed Cillian, the baby, had been trying to speak all day. After the video, he did say hello to his sister but it wasn’t as clear, the mom said.

Many Facebook users agreed the baby was indeed trying to say "hello."

"Love it," Jayne Deane said. "You can see his tongue going mad trying to talk and it comes out clears as a bell."

The video already has more than 50,000 likes on the Facebook page. The baby's aunt is now pitching to get him on the "Ellen Degeneres Show"