86-year-old publishes ‘steamy’ romance for her first novel

Salt Lake City, UT (KUTV) — An 86-year-old Salt Lake City woman has published her first novel, a romance, which she says is steamy.

Georgia Gorringe is a wife, mother, even a great-great grandmother. Now, she’s an author, having published her first novel earlier this year.

The book is a romance novel called No Good-Bye. It’s written under her pen name, Georgie Marie.

“It took me five years to write it,” said Gorringe during an interview at her home.

“It is quite an accomplishment,” added her daughter, Bobbie Posey.

But readers beware—this is not the innocent love story you might expect.

It’s full of “steaminess,” as Posey describes it.

“It’s about a bored housewife, and she listens to talk radio,” said Gorringe. “And that voice on the radio, oh, he had a magic voice! And it just turned her on!”

Indeed, the book’s subject matter is very mature in parts.

“Sometimes I’m like, mother, how could you do that? How can you write that?” said Posey. “But she did!”

Gorringe’s book came out in February, but it not available in bookstores yet. It is currently available on Kindle and Amazon.com.

Her children, though, say they’re just thrilled that after years of work, their 86-year-old mother was finally able to publish her book.

“At her age, to really follow through—follow through is really important—and she’s done it,” said Posey.

But the big question for many who know Gorringe is: How much of this scandalous story is true?

“I keep telling people, it’s all fiction,” insists Gorringe.

“It is, but a lot of it is actually real life,” said Posey. “I mean, we know who she’s talking about.”

Gorringe hopes others will discover the characters, stories, and the surprising ending that she’s spent years creating.

“I think they’d better read it to find out,” she said.

Gorringe said people are now asking when she’ll write her next book. For now, she said, she’ll have to wait and see.