'99% of my happiness is gone:' Grieving family of Federal Way murder victim desperate for answers

A community is praying for answers three months after a woman was shot and killed at her front door in Federal Way.

Fanta Dolley, 44, was well connected in the local Liberian community and her sister said many people knew her by the name Nawher.

"99% of my happiness is gone," said sister Joetta Goffa. "I miss everything about her. My birthday is coming up. She’s the first to put my picture up. She cooks for me. She did everything for me. We did everything together. I miss everything about her."

The shooting happened at her home in Glen Park Apartments on the night of July 8, according to her sister who said she was with Dolley from 3 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. that night.

"She’s an innocent person. She’s a hard-working mother with two kids. She works so hard for everything she owned. The whole community is terrified. Please, help us to find her killer," said Goffa.

The President of the Liberian Community for Washington State said the suspect rang Dolley’s doorbell, and when she opened the door, the suspect shot her multiple times.

"Terrified, because as a community, such a person who doesn’t have issues with people, who doesn’t have quarrels with people and she’s just gone down like that. Who else, and we don’t know the killer," said Joseph Jarbah, president of the Liberian Community for WA State. "Fanta is not the kind of person who meddles in people’s business. She’s a people person. She always got along with everybody, and that’s what shocked our community."

Both the family and close community members said they will not rest until the person responsible is brought to justice.

The Liberian Community of Washington State is offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest. If you have any information about Dolley’s murder, the family is urging you to contact the Federal Way Police Department by calling 253-261-7168. 

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