99-year-old Seattle woman fends off burglar

One Crown Hill resident wasn't going to let a burglar, or her age, get the best of her.

Monday evening, a 99-year-old woman was in her bedroom when she heard a noise. Thinking that the noise was coming from outside, she went to look and was suprised to find a man in the adjacent bedroom with a flashight. She warned the man he had better get out of her house, police said.

The man seemingly ignored her request and moved into the living room. Following him with her walker, she told police she told the suspect he had "better hurry up and finish his work and get out." The man then ran out the back door and the woman used her Life Alert to call 911.

The woman told police that it appeared the suspect had taken some loose change. She also said that in March she confronted another man who was trying to open a window.

The suspect in Monday's incident is described as a black male who was wearing a black knit hat and dark sweatshirt. A neighbor said he saw a silver/gray 4-door vehicle speed out of the woman's driveway.