A fan's encounter with Kam Chancellor: A good deed, a special gift and a message for everyone

SNOHOMISH, Wash. -- A local 12's good deed has gone viral after he came to the aid of Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor at a local hardware store.

The fan, Ben Mader, hopes his actions remind us all to always do the right thing.

"The story is almost as good, if not better, than this gift," Mader said Tuesday as he held up the Chancellor jersey he received Monday.

Mader said it all began when he went to a hardware store Monday afternoon.

"I parked and I took a double-take because I saw someone walk by, looked real familiar -- big, tall guy -- and it was Kam Chancellor and I'm thinking, OK, this is Kam Chancellor."

Chancellor, wearing a brace on his left knee due to his torn MCL, was swarmed by fans while trying to load a new refrigerator into the back of his SUV.

"I kind of felt bad for this guy cause he's got a knee brace, he's hobbling around his truck, trying to put his fridge in there," Mader said.

So he walked up to Chancellor.

"I said, well, if you don't live too far, I don't mind -- I'll take it in my truck ... and he's like, 'Yeah, that would be great' and the whole time I'm thinking I don't care where he lives, I'm just going to take it."

After delivering the refrigerator to Chancellor's home, Mader shared some family photos with the Seahawks star player.

"I felt bad. I was like, you know, I hate to ask but can I get a picture because nobody is going to believe me -- 'Yeah, you took a refrigerator to Kam Chancellor's house, pssh, come on.'"

But what Chancellor gave him in return was much more than just a smile and a handshake.

Chancellor returned with one of his jerseys and gave it to Mader with a thoughtful message.

"It says, 'Thanks for being thoughtful. God bless your heart. Bam-Bam.' And then he signed it," Mader said.

Chancellor also posted this message on his Instagram account:

"The 12s show love in and out of season. Thanks, Ben, for taking the time to help me unload my refrigerator. You're a good dude."

Mader wasn't expecting all this attention for his good deed, but he hopes other 12s continue to pay it forward.

"People forget how to be nice to each other and I mean the guy is hurt. He tore his MCL. We ask him for so much on the field and then the guy's trying to lift something in his truck and all people want is an autograph," Mader said.

He added that he plans to frame the jersey and pass it down to his son when he grows up.

Go Hawks!