A happy ending for engaged couple whose wedding rings were stolen from car in Seattle

SEATTLE -- A couple had their wedding rings stolen out of their car in Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood last week.

Matthew Miller and fiance Naomi Taylor spoke with Q13 News soon after it happened, begging for someone to turn those rings in as they were just days from their wedding.

Hours after the story aired, offers to help started to arrive. On Wednesday, they were presented with new wedding bands donated by Wyatt's Jewelers in West Seattle.  Federal Way Custom Jewelers also donated a new engagement ring to Taylor, whose original one was also stolen in the same car prowl theft.

"There are just so many good emotions going on right now, it’s pretty incredible," said Miller.

"Words can’t really express how grateful we are," added Taylor.

At Federal Way Custom Jewelers,  Matthew got to propose to Naomi again with the new engagement ring and wedding band.

"After the Seahawks game I happened to see your story on the late news, and I think I was really affected by this humble couple," said Rene Criss, who owns Federal Way Custom Jewelers.

"I know there are so many stories that never have the complete cycle and a happy ending, and that wouldn’t have happened had you not done the story."

Both owners say seeing the couple heartbroken moved them to help.

"When I saw this report, as icky as it was with what they just went through, I knew this was my chance to give forward and to pay it back," said Kirk Keppler, owner of Wyatt's Jewelers.

Now just days from saying "I do", the couple have new rings in hand. It's a happy ending to one chapter so they can start the next.

"No matter what, there are some bad people out there, but the majority of us really are good and we learned just how good people can be," said Miller.

The couple are getting married on Saturday. One vow they are making is to never leave their rings in their car again.