A Husky and Coug tie the knot at Apple Cup 2017

SEATTLE - Tents at a tailgate is where there are all kinds of fans, but under a tent in section 4 at the north parking lot of Husky stadium is where one husky and one coug decided to exchange vows.

"A little bit of love, a little bit of rivalry,” said bride Shannon Repp. She may not be in a wedding dress but here it’s crimson and purple that are the wedding colors.

"As much white as I could but still being a husky,” said Repp.

"It's a cool experience, we had all of our family down here, our closest friends, it was a lot of fun,” said groom J.T Repp.

A cool experience the father of the bride says isn’t exactly what he pictured for his daughter’s wedding.

“No way, never expecting something like this, but I’m so excited," said David Brodie, the father of the bride.

In this family, non-traditional weddings are a tradition.

"My wife, Molly and I eloped, and we got married at the hitchin' post in Coeur d’Alene, so you know what they say, the nut doesn’t fall too far from the tree,” said Brodie.

Planning this wedding was spur of the moment, so naturally J.T, a cougar turned to the coach who happened to be dishing out wedding advice this week.

“I channeled my inner coach Leach this week and took his advice,” said Repp, who was interrupted by his bride shaking her head, “Ew no! ” she said.

Earlier this week, WSU football coach Mike Leach shared his wedding advice to a reporter who asked for his thoughts, "The women will lose their minds. Your fiancé is going to lose her mind, your mother-in-law is going to lose her mind, your mom is going to lose her mind. They will ask you a barrage of questions,” said Leach.

The women at this tailgate just losing their minds with excitement for the happy couple.

“I’ve honestly seen these two for 10 years. To see their relationship grow is so fun, they are so in love, and they love their baby girl and they’re really excited to be here,” said Allie Wood, a friend of the bride and groom.

They may be rivals on the field, but from this day forward, this husky and coug are on the same team for life.