Accused deadly 'Sports Page' shooter pleads 'not guilty,' bail set at $5 million

CAPTURE UPDATE May 5, 2015 -- Accused shooter, Cleanthony Jimerson, pleaded 'not guilty' on Tuesday in a King County courtroom. He's charged with two counts of 2nd degree murder and possession of a firearm. Prosecutors say they intend to amend the charges to 1st degree murder. His bail was set at $5 million. AUBURN -- Cell phone video catches a fight outside a bar – and the gunfire that leaves three men dead. The triple murder happened one year ago this weekend on Easter Sunday in Auburn. Now, police are asking for your help, especially with identifying the men seen in the photo below from the cell phone video. Lorenzo Duncan’s mom, Bernice Buchanan, says the 23 year old was her ‘baby boy.’ “He had this thing, he would ask me, ‘mom, what can I do to make your day better? And whatever it was that I wanted I had to tell him, and he would try to make it happen. I would tell everybody that was my heartbeat. It couldn`t get any closer than that.' Lorenzo was outgoing, described as ‘larger than life’, and loved playing practical jokes. “He had this Michael Meyers mask, and I did not like that mask. He would put it on and catch you off guard. My bedroom door would be closed and he would wait for me outside my room standing there just like this with the mask on and scared the ‘bee gees’ out of me, but he thought that was the funniest thing .” In the early morning hours of last Easter Sunday, Lorenzo was at a birthday party with some friends at a bar in downtown Auburn. “The staff at the ‘Sports Page’ gave everybody the warning that it was ‘last call’, and so all of the patrons started moving out into the parking lot area,” said Auburn Det. Francesca Nix. Inside the bar, police say a jealous argument was brewing. One woman`s boyfriend was dancing with another woman. The girlfriend stepped into the dance making the other woman very angry. Det. Nix says, “The friends of the male and female said, `hey it`s her child`s father, you don`t need to get that upset, it`s not that big of a deal`, when another group came up behind this female and said, `you don`t need to talk to her that way.’” With just a few words outside, Det. Nix says a punch was thrown and a parking lot full of people became random targets. “One of the people being attacked started running north and people just seemed to follow.” More fights broke out, and then shots were fired. “Because of the fighting, people were fighting in front of cars, people started shooting in the air to get people to stop and scatter,” says Det. Nix. But, not everyone scattered. Police say some people grabbed their firearms and began shooting as well. Police say there were five shooters in all. On one of several cell phone videos that police have from that night, you can see the chaos as people try to get away from the scene. Four people were shot that night and three of them died: 21 year old Antuan Greer, 25 year old Nicholas Lindsay, and Lorenzo Duncan. Det. Nix says, “From what we know, Nick was trying to protect one of his other friends from being assaulted. Then everybody turned their attention onto Nick. The other two, Antuan and Lorenzo, was actually coming to Nick`s aid when they were also shot.” A year later the parking lot still bears the scars of that vicious night. “So, all of these markings on this parking lot are basically evidence items that we recovered,” said Det. Nix. Three of those markings represent more than evidence. “15 and 14 are the general area of where Nick and Lorenzo were found.” Antuan was found nearby. Police believe the people responsible may have gang ties and some of the witnesses from that night have been less than cooperative. Lorenzo`s sister, Desha Timmerman, has a message for those people. “For his friends, especially the ones that come around, I have a huge issue because I feel like for us to know so little. I see on social media sites they say they don`t want to go to a party because the people who did this are going to be there. And giving out clues that make me think if you tell us you know nothing, how do you know this? Say what you know. If it`s fear, give it anonymously.” Francesca Nix Lorenzo’s mom hopes they would realize there`s more to it than themselves. “There`s grieving family members who want some closure, and their tiny detail of what happened here could be the key that solves this. When your child leaves your home, and he doesn`t come back, you wonder what in the world happened. You would think you would know, but I don`t know.” Lorenzo's mother plans to start an organization called M.A.S.K: Mothers Against Senseless Killings. If you recognize the two men police need to identify, or know anything about the triple murders, call: CRIME STOPPERS: 1-800-222-TIPS You must call the Crime Stoppers hotline with your tip to be eligible to receive a cash reward for information leading to a fugitive’s arrest. CLICK HERE for information on how to TEXT A TIP to Crime Stoppers