Accused killer's brutal crime scene photos damaging to all of us (VIDEO)

KITSAP COUNTY -- It takes a dark and twisted mind to murder someone with your bare hands but bragging about it and posting images of the victim online is whole different level of depravity.

Maybe that’s the killer’s point, to inflict as much damage as possible. Within minutes, the images are on thousands of computers and phones.

"You could have kids that are damaged, you could have full grown adults that are damaged by seeing this,” said Pierce County Det. Ed Troyer.

"All of a sudden they're seeing something real and not fake and that's a whole lot different on their psychology and their state of mind then going into something violent and knowing that it's fake,” he added.

For anyone who comes across the images accidentally, especially children, it can be frightening.

“In kids there is the ripple effect of the trauma, younger kids is the fear something bad is going to happen to them - they`re seeing images that they`re not even developmentally prepared to see,” said Dr. Gregory Jantz. He is a best-selling author who specializes in working with young children.

“It begins to create a lot of anxiety for them we may see sleep disturbances, we may see nightmares,” said Dr. Jantz.

For investigators, sharing the photos can compromise evidence and there’s concern it pave the way for others to do it and create copycats.

"It's gonna be used by people who are weird who have issues and going to enjoy it and want to look at it,” said Det. Troyer.

Most importantly, it’s traumatizing to the victim’s family members.

“Once something like this is posted the trauma and the revictimization goes on and on, not to mention the victim’s family,” said Dr. Jantz.