Accused SPU shooter's journal: WSU was 'main target' but Central, Eastern, SPU were 'plan B's'

SEATTLE -- Days before opening fire at Seattle Pacific University June 5, accused shooter Aaron Ybarra wrote in his journal that Washington state was his main target, but that Central, Eastern and SPU were his "plan B's," the document that was released Tuesday showed.

Ybarra, 26, of Mountlake Terrace, is accused of killing one and wounding two others in a shooting on the Seattle Pacific University campus on June 5, has pleaded not guilty to murder and attempted murder charges. He is charged with killing SPU student Paul Lee and wounding Sarah Williams and Thomas Fowler in a shooting at SPU's Otto Miller Hall. If convicted, Ybarra could face life in prison.

On the cover of his journal, Ybarra wrote, "God betrayed them like he betrayed me."

On May 27, he wrote about his two and a half years in psychotherapy and two years in psychiatry that "didn't help."

Three days later, he writes that the "revenge" he will take on "some of the guys I hate" -- a person at a bar, a "junky who robbed our house" and someone else.

"There are a few universities in the state to pick from that I'm planning to attack," Yabarra wrote in his journal on June 2. "Washington State is the main target. I can't make it there with out any suspision (sic), my parents will keep wondering where I'm at and plus I'm not yet prepared for it. I have plan B's Central, Eastern and Seattle Pacific. I was focusing on Central but not prepared for that either. Didn't think about Eastern because I'm only prepared to be local. I picked Seattle Pacific because I'm less familiar with it and I can see that University of Washington and Seattle University represent Seattle more. I didn't want to have to attack my own city.

"I went to the SPU campus to get info and to find a good area to attack. A couple Mondays ago I was trying to give myself a tour and asking where certain buildings were, acting like a transfer student. I asked this nice black girl where the history building was. For about ten minutes she showed me around some of the places she knew."

A little bit later, he wrote that a "cute white girl" offered to show him around for about 15 to 20 minutes.

"These girls were very nice and treated me well," he wrote. "Because they showed me around the campus without me asking them to, I will single them out at the shooting if I see them."

On June 3, he wrote, "I love my friends ... my family" and added, "I 'd hate to do this to them but it must be done."

In his last entry, on June 5, the day of the shooting, he wrote, "This is it! I can't believe I'm finally doing this!" He mentioned thinking a lot about the Virginia Tech and the Columbine shootings and later wrote that "I just want people to die! and I'm gonna die with them."

The full redacted journal released Tuesday is below. Warning, there is profanity and disturbing descriptions in his writings.