Adding towing coverage to your auto insurance, is it worth it?

SEATTLE -- Have you ever found yourself broken down on the side of the road? It’s not just a headache, it’s expensive too. Just a tow to a repair shop can cost you upwards of 200 dollars. That’s before you even get a repair bill.

So is it worth it to purchase insurance specifically for towing and labor? Q13 Fox News asked Craig Kehrberg with PEMCO Insurance.

“If your vehicle is disabled by the side of the road,  you can call and get your flat tire fixed, call and get a couple gallons of gasoline, you can call and get your battery jumped. All of that is included in the towing and labor coverage”, said Kehrberg.

Kehrberg said the average cost of towing and labor coverage is low, at about 24 dollars per year.

But you can save a lot of money by cancelling overlapping insurance. If you have a membership to AAA, you already have towing and labor coverage. On the flip side, if you don’t need all the extra offerings from AAA, purchasing towing and labor coverage through your insurer instead could save you close to 100 dollars a year.