After losing her foot in tragic accident, local woman follows her dreams

Four years after a tragic accident left her an amputee, Andrea Haisch wasn't sure what her future would hold.  She wondered if her dreams to graduate college, become a teacher and travel the world would be possible on one leg.

In August of 2012, Andrea was standing at the base of a cliff in Leavenworth, Washington watching her boyfriend and brother climb the rock face.   Without warning, a boulder came loose and tumbled down the hill, taking Andrea with it.  Andrea was pinned underneath the massive rock the size of a refrigerator.  Rescuers spent hours trying to free her, before she was finally airlifted to Seattle.

Days later, Andrea made the difficult decision to amputate her left foot from the knee down and admits it was hard to see a bright future.

On November 21st, 2012, Andrea took her first steps on a prosthetic leg and from there, she didn't just walk, she hiked, biked and even skied her way to success.  Since her accident, Andrea has proven that life on one leg doesn't have to be limiting.  She has traveled the world, and is now in her second year teaching at Marvista Elementary in the Highline School District.  Andrea says becoming a teacher is a dream come true and she uses her life lessons in the classroom, helping her kindergarten students appreciate their differences.

Earlier this year, Andrea revisited the site of her tragic accident and found the boulder that almost took her life.  She says sitting on top of the rock is a great sense of accomplishment.  It also serves as inspiration to others at the beginning of a difficult journey, that with determination and grit, you can turn tragedy into triumph.