Air Force Veteran honored to carry 'big flag' at Mariners game Saturday

A local Air Force veteran is one of around 50 participants that will take part in the flag ceremony at T-Mobile Park on Saturday as the Seattle Mariners take on the Houston Astros at home for Game 3 of the American League Division Series.

The group practiced carrying the flag on the field Thursday. 

"I was part of the flag ceremony practice to bring out the big flag on Saturday, a thrill," said Jim Siscel, an Air Force Veteran and creator of "It’s one of the things I kind of always wanted to do, but I haven’t. As a season ticket holder, the chance came and I took it. Believe me." 

Siscel says the flag is heavy, with the most difficult challenge, keeping it off the ground. 

"I’m retired military, so I kind of have that, and also a Boy Scout leader, so I have all that flag protocol. It’s always fun to do that," he said. 

Jim has had season tickets since 1994 and says he’s been coming to Mariners games since 1978. He calls himself a true fan and believes the team can still win.  

"In post-season baseball, you are going to lose-- there is no question about that. You are going to lose some games. As long as you keep winning and taking these series, that’s the important thing." 

Siscel is such a big baseball fan, he started taking road trips to baseball stadiums in 2002, creating the blog   

He says being part of the flag ceremony is a big honor, not only because of his love for baseball, but because of his military service as well. 

"I’ve been on the field previously, many times with the military and with groups I’ve brought on, but being out there with the flag, as a military person, that is really important to me. So, having this chance was great," he said. 

The game starts at 1:07 p.m. at T-Mobile Park on Saturday. 


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