Alabama mom's hysterical back-to-school photo goes viral

SALEM, Al. —  Like many families, Jena Willingham's three children headed back to school on Monday, but not before taking a hilarious photo summing up some parents' reaction to the end of summer.

Lounging in a pool float with a drink in her hand, Willingham is all smiles as her children look on, clearly not amused by the prospect of going back to class.

"Bahahaha...from one momma to another...girlfriend...I hope you had a fabulous MONDAY!!!" one woman wrote.

"I love this picture best back to school picture I ever seen," commented another.

It appears a lot of other Facebook users agree. Since it was posted Monday, it's been shared more than 11,000 times, garnered more than 170 comments, and been picked up by many news stations.