All-male version of Hooters restaurant opening

Dallas, TX (KDAF) -- Hooters, Twin Peaks, Bikini's, Tallywackers. Wait, Tally what?

Breastraunts look out, there's a new spot coming to Dallas, and it caters to a different clientele. According to their colorful Craigslist ad, Tallywackers is now hiring an all-male staff for their grand opening next month.

"Dallas' Newest and most exciting place to be is now hiring for all positions," officials said. "Bartenders, servers, cooks, bus boys and hosts welcome to apply."

It is unknown what the restaurant will serve, but the whole idea has the Dallas talking.

"I think it sounds excellent," one woman said. "It's different, why not?"

Tallywackers will replace the old Lolitas Mexican Restaurant on Lemmon Avenue.