Alleged drunk driver ends joyride... at police station

SEATTLE -- An apparent drunk driver ended up crashing his mustang downtown before coming to a stop... in front of the Seattle Police Department.

A news release says the man was driving a stolen Mustang Monday afternoon -- the wrong way on 2nd Avenue. He crashed head-on into an Audi, which was driven by a valet - neither driver was seriously hurt, so the driver threw out a bottle of whiskey he had in the car and drove away.

A few blocks later, at 5th and Cherry, the driver apparently was involved in another crash -- this time, with a bus. Again, neither driver was seriously injured, but this crash caused major damage to the Mustang. The driver tried to get away, but instead, limped along until the car sputtered to a stop in front of Seattle Police headquarters.

A SPD Public Affairs officer happened to walk out of the building at that time, stopped the driver, and ordered him to stay there until backup crews arrived. The driver admitted to having "eight shots" of whiskey, and was arrested on charges of hit and run, DUI, and auto theft.