Amid outcry over 'Blaze' the dog, Arlington City Council adopts new tethering restrictions

ARLINGTON, Wash. -- Amid a community outcry over 'Blaze' the dog, the Arlington City Council on Monday night unanimously adopted new restrictions on the tethering of animals.

Hundreds have been rallying online over "Blaze," a black Labrador who they feel is being neglected by his owner.

"I usually cry every time I drive by that house," a local resident told Q13 FOX News. "I have cried many nights thinking about that dog."

Earlier, Kristin Banfield, of the city of Arlington, said Blaze is "not tied up 24/7 and the cone is on there to keep him from hurting himself further with his allergic condition."

The city says no laws are being broken, including the tethering law.

Still, the outcry was such that the City Council adopted new restrictions on tethering Monday night.

The new laws, which will go into effect no later than October 1, include regulations on the size of a tether, the length of a tether, and the types of collars and harnesses that can be used when a dog is tethered.

The new law also restricts tethering of animals between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. and requires that the animal have access to clean water and adequate shelter while tethered. The shelter and water vessel must be constructed or attached in such a way that the animal cannot knock over the shelter or water vessel.


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