Another dog killed in possible coyote attack in Kirkland

KIRKLAND, Wash.-- Another dog has been attacked and killed by a wild animal, possibly a coyote in Kirkland. In the most recent incident, a Yorkie-mix, Scotty, is the latest to die after an attack near the Kirkland trail.

There have been at least two other reports of a dog being killed or severely injured from an attack, and all within about a mile of each other.

Scotty's owner said the dog was in their fenced-in back yard for only a few minutes when he was viciously attacked and killed.

“I found him right below this large tree with a chunk out of his back, and his spine was snapped, so he was killed instantly,” said Scotty’s owner, Jeff Roberts.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife said federal authorities could get involved, but only if the wild animal starts showing aggression toward people.