Arc of King County affected by mass shooting in California

SEATTLE -- The violence of another mass shooting rattled nerves of the staff members at Arc of King County, which works with developmentally disabled child and adult clients.

Stacy Gillett is the director of the organization that has worked with clients for over 75 years.

"Our hearts go out to the families," Gillett said.  "It must be really difficult for them to not know and have information right now."

Arc offers a number of services to clients. They often help individuals find careers or housing. Gillett said that in the event of an emergency, the staff members have an evacuation plan in place. Many staff members are also well trained to deal with people who act out or suffer from mental illness.

News of the shooting impacted many people at the facility hundreds of miles away.

Gillett said, "We were really sad to hear what was happening and that it would happen in this particular situation where there are so many vulnerable people and staff. Makes it even more compelling."

Gillett said she doesn't anticipate adding any additional security or make any policy changes. She is assuring clients that they are safe within the walls of their building.