Are sprinkler systems worth it?

Just like air conditioners, sprinkler systems can be rare in the Pacific Northwest. But are built-in sprinkler systems worth the investment?

"There are disadvantages to neglecting  your lawn during the summer months," says PEMCO business development manager Allison Leep. "It often can't recover for another year or even a year and a half. So that's extra watering you're putting into it," Leep adds.

She says there are three main reasons to invest in a sprinkler system. The first is it will save you time. Next, an automatic sprinkler system could save you money on your water bill. That's because it avoids over-watering, which is a common issue with manual sprinklers.

Last, this could help your property value. "A green, lush lawn is appealing to buyers, especially those that are coming from places where it's expected to be green," says Leep.

So are automatic sprinkler systems worth it? Leep says  they can be, especially if you want to invest in your property. They can cost thousands of dollars, but she recommends getting a professional to install one. Now's not the time to try it yourself, because you'll be dealing with irrigation issues and the main water system.