Are you ready to take the Polar Plunge?

TACOMA - With each New Year's Day comes new resolutions, new hopes, wishes and a new opportunity to take the plunge. The Polar Plunge, to be exact.

It seems that it's a New Year's Day tradition for people to strip down to their bathing suits and jump in large (and small) bodies of water. Some say that it's fun, stimulating, or just crazy. Nonetheless, here are three opportunities for you to take the plunge:

Point Defiance Polar Plug – 11:30am, Tacoma. The fourth-annual plunge at the Point Defiance Marina.

Matthews Beach Polar Plunge – 12pm, Seattle. Seattle Parks is sponsoring this polar bear plunge, at Matthews Beach.

Edmonds Polar Bear Plunge – 1pm, Edmonds. Polar Bear Plung at Brackett’s Landing in Edmonds.

If you go, have fun, and Happy New Year!