Arrest made in connection to Seattle shooting that killed father of five

SEATTLE – A suspect has been arrested for the deadly shooting in Seattle's South Park neighborhood over the weekend, the Seattle Police Department said Thursday night.

Sam Nang Lam, 56, was sleeping on the living room couch when bullets started flying early Sunday, killing the father of five.

Lam’s family says the house next door is a drug den that frequently brings trouble to the neighborhood.

“It’s been a known drug house for years,” said James Olson, who lives nearby. “If it wasn’t for that, that shooting never would’ve happened. It wasn’t an accident either, the left there mad and came back.”

Police say a 25-year-old man was arrested in SeaTac in connection to the murder. He was taken into custody after a traffic stop with assistance from Tukwila Police.

Lam moved to South Park in 2000, and neighbors have known him to be a kind and quiet family man.

His family called him a hard-working family man who was born and raised in Vietnam, taught himself English and French and worked two jobs to support his family. His daughters said their father often made sacrifices for the family.