As DUI patrols ramp up, Seattle police share video of man using drugs in front of officer

SEATTLE -- With New Year's Eve just around the corner, law enforcement is stepping up DUI patrols.

Seattle police on Thursday shared dashcam video of a recent incident as an example. Police said the driver used drugs during what started out as a routine a traffic stop.

"I got vitamin pills that I take," the driver says in the video.

"That's not a vitamin," the officer says.

"I know," the driver says.

"What would possess you to do that on a traffic stop with a police officer right behind you? I just don't understand."

"I've never had a traffic ticket," the driver goes on.

"I was going to come up and give you a warning," the officer says.

If you are planning on drinking, do NOT get behind the wheel. Take a taxi or use rideshare or public transportation.

And if you are ever pulled over, be sure to have your license, registration, and proof of insurance available.