As heavy rain comes down, concern grows over new flooding

MASON COUNTY -- All week long, Western Washington is expecting rain.

The Tacoma Public Works Department said landslides aren't a concern for their residents. because they're only expecting an inch of rain over the next few days. However, other parts of Western Washington are already experiencing heavy rain.

People drove right through the flooded Skokomish Valley Road in Mason County.

“Every single time it’s rained this year, it’s flooded," said Larry Miles. "Every time.”

Miles said his truck can make it through three feet of water.

“After a while you get used to it," said Miles. "I mean you can look at it and tell pretty much if it’s too deep, you go around.”

If the water on the Skokomish Valley Road continues to rise, people in the area have learned how to react.

“It’s wet, same as anyplace else," said Nancy Godding.

Godding passed through the road just fine but conditions can always change.

“This isn’t bad at all," said Godding. "See that yellow line. Just follow that yellow line and you are OK.”

Authorities often say if you do not see the lines on the road, do not drive through the water.