At least 1 killed when small plane crashes into downtown Anchorage building

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Authorities say at least one person aboard a small plane died when it crashed into a commercial building in downtown Anchorage, Alaska.

Assistant Fire Chief Alex Boyd said there were no injuries on the ground. He says the plane clipped the corner of an office building before it crashed into the side of the commercial building beside it.

The crash happened early Tuesday, before many businesses opened. Officials say it ignited a fire.

Don Tallman of the Anchorage Fire Department said it didn't appear there was anyone inside the building, which received extensive damage.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Allen Kenitzer says it wasn't clear why the plane hit the building. He didn't have information on the type of aircraft but said the FAA and National Transportation Safety Board are investigating.

A witness who saw a small plane seconds before it slammed into a building said the aircraft didn't sound like it was having engine trouble.

Authorities say at least one person aboard died when the plane crashed into a commercial building Tuesday.

Kent Haina, a 747 captain for UPS, said he was taking out his garbage and sorting through his recyclables when he heard the plane circle around him. He then watched as it went down at a shallow angle.

He says the plane disappeared behind a building, then he heard a loud thud and saw a plume of black smoke.

Haina says the wind was howling while he was outside and he thought to himself it wasn't good weather to be flying in.

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