Attorney: Volkswagen believes some vehicles can be fixed

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — An attorney says Volkswagen believes it can fix some of the diesel vehicles caught up in the carmaker's cheating emissions scandal without compromising their performance.

Lawyer Robert Giuffra told a federal judge Thursday that Volkswagen believes the repair for vehicles with 3-liter engines wouldn't be complicated and would bring them up to their original standard.

U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer in San Francisco is overseeing lawsuits against Volkswagen in the wake of the scandal. Attorneys announced this week that they had reached a deal to compensate owners of about 475,000 Volkswagens with 2-liter engines.

There's no fix that can make those cars comply with U.S. pollution regulations, and the deal gives their owners the option of a buyback.

The remaining 85,000 vehicles caught up in the scandal have 3-liter engines.