High school in Auburn goes into lockdown after 6 people let in, attack students

Families are shaken up after six masked people got into Auburn Riverside High School and attacked students on Monday, forcing the school to go into lockdown.

According to school officials, the six people approached a side door of the school building around 1 p.m., which was locked while class is in session. A student opened the door for them, thinking they were supposed to be on campus.

Officials did not identify the six suspects, but said they were not supposed to be on campus.

The six people ran down the hall and randomly hit students. Administrators confronted them in the hall and they ran.

After the incident, the school went into a "secure and teach" lockdown through the rest of the day. Exterior and interior doors were closed and locked, and students would not move between classes. Auburn Police was also called to provide security until 2 p.m.

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Officials said police was again on-site Tuesday for supervision, and to work with officials to identify the six suspects.

Auburn Police confirmed with FOX 13 News that no students have been arrested.