Ballard food truck burglarized four times since opening in April

A tale of resilience amid adversity, Ballard's 'Nirvana' food truck keeps battling back.

Since opening in April, they say they've been burglarized four separate times. This week, vandals busted two separate doors on their truck, taking everything from meat and cheese right down to the kitchen knives, costing thousands in damages and stolen supplies.

"It's empty, they took everything," said owner Goodarz Hosseinidangi. "It broke our hearts. We came here in the morning, and we saw the situation, and we were like, 'Oh, let's go home. No, we don't work today.'"

Goodarz, or "Goody," has been cooking his way to America. He began his culinary pursuits in his home nation of Iran, later spending several years in Turkey, until finally reaching Seattle. This summer, his hard work paid off, with his wife finally able to join him in the U.S. to start selling their food together.

But it hasn't been without hardship.

"They've been open since April, and in five months, they've been hit four times," friend and supporter Matthias Bakken said. "You could see it in his face, and that was the first time I've seen this guy without a smile—you could see he was broken-hearted."

A difficult sight, since Goody always seems to find a way to support others without expecting anything in return.

"When he sees someone walking by who looks like they might be in need of something, he'll be like, 'Hey, hold on,' and he'll go make them something like a gyro or a pizza," Bakken said. "In five months, probably at least a hundred people."

Goody hopes to someday open a top-ten restaurant in Seattle.

"The Ballard community supports us; everybody came by to buy the food and support us," he said. "I don't know how to say thank you to those people."

A GoFundMe has been launched to support Goody in recouping losses from this week's break-ins.