Video shows possible mugging in Ballard

Home surveillance video from Sept. 19 shows a red Kia pull up on two students walking along Dibble Ave. NW near 70th St. The driver, seen wearing an orange top, runs up to the teens as others follow. The teens are mugged before the suspects get back in the vehicle and take off.

Two shootings in Ballard, 1 dead

The Seattle Police Department (SPD) is investigating two related shooting incidents that happened in the Ballard neighborhood and at Golden Gardens Thursday evening. One person is dead, three others were injured.

Giant trolls take-over Puget Sound: Where they are and what they mean

The trolls, however, are not meant to be pinpointed for the public to find with ease. Dambo offers up general information with his troll map online, and there are visual clues in the form of brightly colored bird houses to let each visitor know they’re on the right track.