Ballard homeowner recreates Diagon Alley

BALLARD, Wash. -- A Ballard homeowner is giving Harry Potter fans some serious holiday excitement.

He's turning his driveway into the wizardly shopping area fans know as "Diagon Alley."

Jonathan Chambers lives at 7514 13th Ave NW in Whittier Heights in Ballard.

He and dozens of his neighbors have been working on the project just about every day for the past month. They're finishing it just in time for Halloween.

Chambers says his kids are his inspiration.

"For the past couple of years, they've all been on Harry Potter kicks. It's completely like reliving all the movies over again for the first time," Chambers said. "It's just been a lot of fun to watch their excitement for it. This project is kind of a culmination of that excitement for that world."

Chambers says the display is open to visitors through Christmas.

He also is hoping to do a charity fundraising event.

When he takes it down, Chambers told Q13 News he is planning to donate the 24 wall panels as materials for tiny houses for the homeless.