Bat found in restroom at Cottage Lake Park in Woodinville: Did you have contact with it?

SEATTLE -- Public Health Seattle & King County is asking anyone who may have handled a bat in the Cottage Lake Park men's restroom in Woodinville on Thursday or Friday to call Public Health or your doctor in case of potential rabies.

The bat was captured but "released by park staff so we do not know if it has rabies," Public Health said in a news release.

"If you had any contact with a bat in a restroom in Cottage Lake Park, contact Public Health or your medical provider immediately to determine if rabies preventative treatment is necessary," Public Health said. "Rabies is life-threatening, but is treatable if caught early."

The agency said the bat was found in a public men's restroom at the park at 6:30 a.m. Friday and may have been in the restroom since Thursday night.

"Based on a description of the bat provided by park staff, the bat may have been handled by one or more people," Public Health said.

The agency noted that about 160 people were at the park Thursday night for the Michelle D'Amour and Love Dealers concert, which had started at about 7 p.m.