'Be prepared, not scared' -- 3 things to do before Saturday's major windstorm

Our series of October storms continues as the remnants of Typhoon Songda threaten a more powerful windstorm Saturday afternoon through Saturday night.

The National Weather Service has issued a High Wind Watch for that time period across all of western Washington.

The storm Saturday has been advertised by weather models to take a critical track over the Olympic Peninsula and pass over the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

The low pressure is key in pulling sea level upwards of 30 feet creating chaotic seas, coastal flooding, high surf, and very dangerous conditions to be on the beach or on the water.  Warnings have been issued for all of these through Saturday's storm.

The organization Take Winter By Storm suggests 3 main things to do before Saturday's storm to keep your family safe:

1. Create an emergency preparedness kit with at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food and water for your home and office. Kits prepared for vehicle road travel and winter weather evacuation go-kits are also advised.

Here are some basics to pack in your kit:

    2. Make a plan and practice the plan with your family and those who depend on you.

      3. Stay informed and know the weather approaching so you are prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

        Prepare your home

        Prepare your car

        Additional storm resources: