Bear kills several farm animals, charges man in Fall City

FALL CITY, Wash. -- A man says he narrowly escaped the angry clutches of a bear who killed several of his farm animals and charged at him on his property in Fall City.

He's speaking out to warn others to beware of that bear.

"It was about 15 feet away from me," Sandy Huskinson recalled Monday. "I just saw this black figure moving ... probably about 200 pounds."

A few nights ago, she says, the aggressive bear turned her family`s home -- the historic Baxter Barn -- into a feeding ground.

"Oh, crap, I need to go get my son; there's a bear and he's causing havoc. He's taken a goat."

Her son, Cory Huskinson, said, "I was more scared of what it's going to do next."

By the time Cory got outside, the bear had torn apart three hen houses and a goat cage.

"I think he wanted meat," Sandy said. "I think he wanted something fresh."

She said the bear got one goat and four or five chickens.

The bear charged after Cory as he rode his 4X4.

"I was going as fast as I can out of there," he said. "It followed me halfway down that property line."

The bear retreated back to the woods, but Sandy says it's now a waiting game.

"Every night I sit there and listen," she said. "I've got the windows open and then it's like, what can I really do if he does come through."

As for Cory?

"When's it going to be back? Is it coming back tomorrow, in three weeks?"

But he's waiting with a massive bear trap -- and working closely with wildlife officers.