Bellingham allows temporary homeless camp through winter season

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- The city just got a permit to allow a temporary homeless camp set up for the winter season.

It will be in the parking lot behind City Hall at 210 Lottie Street. That's right across the Bellingham Public Library Central Branch and a few blocks from Bellingham High School.

The camp will be run by non-profit organization HomesNOW! and will allow up to 40 people. The camp will have bathrooms, showers, an outdoor kitchen, among other services.

People may move in as soon as Jan. 3, if no one appeals the permit. The permit allows the camp to operate for 90 days and will close sometime in early April.

Several rules apply for those intending to live at the camp, including following a ban on drug or alcohol use. There will be 24/7 supervision by HomesNOW! as well as security cameras provided by the city. There will be an application process and screening as well.