Better weather for a change

Beautiful rainbow over Dick's Drive-In, from Gina in Edmonds.


Our weather is pretty good considering the week we have endured. To put it into perspective, 40 days ago everyone was worried about a drought. We were on our last day of our 83 days with just a penny’s thickness of rain and now looking back over the last 40 days we have had ONE FOOT of rain here in Seattle with even more on the outlying areas. WOW. Happy Thanksgiving. Besides the mountains most of us will have a dry Thanksgiving. Enjoy. It’ll be a little breezy especially in the foothills due to the easterly winds. Thursday night into Friday will be quite wet and windy again. Black Friday morning will be wet. APPLE CUP looks mostly dry, showers later. The weekend looks better and it doesn’t look too bad for the return travel home.

Happy T-day.