'Bike Hospital' fixes old bicycles with donated parts

SEATTLE -- A local organization dedicated to keeping old bicycles out of the landfill is gearing up for an upcoming sale.

On Thursday, Bike Works hosted a "Bike Hospital" event to repair bikes with donated parts. Bike Works says it sifts through 7,000 donated bikes a year to identify which ones can be fixed and resold, and which ones should be used for learning programs or stripped for parts and recycled.

The event is not just about repairing bicycles. Some of the bikes will be rerouted to people who need them, but can't afford them.

The work itself is a learning opportunity for people who want to know how to make sure their bicycle is in safe working order.

Many of the donated bikes come from Recology Cleanscapes. Others come from people who donate at Bike Works' dropoff sites.

Click here for a list of dropoff locations