Blue Friday: Nothing can stop a superfan from supporting the Seahawks

It is the first official Blue Friday as the Seahawks hit the road to take on the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. So what does being a 12 look like in the middle of a pandemic? 

While so much has changed, the love for the game of football and the Hawks hasn't budged for Lorin Sandretzsky.

“Sports is my life and so it’s been tough dealing with no ballgame action.”

You probably know him better as "Big Lo" with a "Sea-Fence" sign in hand, always ready to root for his guys.

“I think those guys are super pumped. They want to bring happiness to the city – what this city has gone through the last 4, 5, 6, months has just been a crazy nightmare that we all just want to wake up from.”

Big Lo has been a Seahawks season ticket holder for 35 years.

“You know I’m gonna have my gear on ... I’ll always have the green and the blue and the I love you and you know it’s just the way I am with sports…”

Big Lo says he prays to God day and night that fans will one day be allowed back into the stands, safely of course.

“Gameday Sundays, that’s my church. And for us not to be with our congregations and 66 to 70 thousand screaming fans, that takes a lot of your heart away.”

Despite being in the middle of a pandemic, he says people need to put politics aside and come together now more than ever. 

“I know the guys are taking the knees and black lives mattering it, but these things are important to a lot of people right now and if they get their point across, let’s let them get their point across but still support them in the meantime, because we’ve all got an agenda in life, and people don’t understand that some people have different agendas, some people have different opinions. But we are all in this together… we really are.”

Big Lo says you better believe they will be back out at Century Link Field hollering from the North Plaza next Sunday for the Hawks first home game.

“It’s really important to bring that back to the communities, whether it be small gatherings, you know, little groups of people standing 6 feet apart hollering in the north plaza for our team, so be it. We’ve got to rise above what is going on in the world and keep it a happy place because it’s really gotten sad.”

So clearly Big Lo and the 12s are "All In" and now, the Seahawks are partnering with All In WA to support their Digital Equity Initiative, which addresses the need for equitable access to technology for students in our community. The Hawks Charitable Foundation has committed $120,000 to the initiative to ensure every student has their basic technology needs met. 

The team is encouraging 12s to come together to donate, click here or text: GOHAWKS to 243725.