Board approves new Seattle school boundaries

SEATTLE -- The Seattle Public Schools Board voted Wednesday night to approve new growth boundaries to prevent overcrowding at schools.

The board passed the growth boundaries plan, with about seven amendments.

Students who go to Wedgwood Elementary School will be able to go to Eckstein Middle. That's what they were pushing for, because of the walkability issue. But not all students who currently go to Eckstein can stay there. So there's still some unhappy families.

Current Hamilton Middle School students were also hoping to get grandfathered in, but that got turned down.  So students in the Accelerated Progress Program will be moved next year. Some in that program have been moved four or five times before.

Parents complained about the school district's proposed map in September, because some students would be moved from their existing schools to schools farther from their homes. The board revised the map and offered some amendments, after several community meetings.

Several parents and students voiced concerns about the plan during Wednesday night's meeting.