Bodies of 2 babies found in ceiling of funeral home

GARY, Ind. (WGN) -- The bodies of two babies were found in the ceiling of a Gary, Ind., funeral home Wednesday.

According to the Lake County coroner, the bodies were found at the the Smith, Bizzel & Warner Funeral Home.

One baby, a boy, had been in the building for at least 10 years. The Chicago Tribune reports some information with that body suggests the baby was stillborn and arrived in March 1996. Authorities say it appeared to have been “mummified.”

The Tribune reports the second baby may be only a few months old. The baby “carried a hospital identification band indicating the baby was born in March 2012.”

The bodies were removed from the ceiling, according to the Tribune.

There was no immediate indication why the bodies had been placed in the ceiling or who put them there or why. An investigation is ongoing.