Boeing workers in Renton to demonstrate against shift of jobs out of state, possibly to China

RENTON, Wash. -- Boeing workers plan to demonstrate at the two main gates of the Renton plant Wednesday against what the union calls Boeing's plans to move more work out of state, and possibly to China.

The action comes as Chinese President Xi Jinping is to visit the Boeing plant in Everett Wednesday.

The Machinists union said Boeing is expected to sign an agreement with Xi that would result in the creation of a 737 completion and delivery center in China – sending more jobs out of Washington state.  It said that work now is done by Machinists union members at Boeing’s Renton site.

But that isn't their only concern, the union said.

"This isn’t about China as much as it is about Boeing’s ongoing transfer of jobs out of Washington state," said Jon Holden, president of the International Association of Machinists 751. "Our members have paid for that work by giving up our pensions, and our state’s taxpayers have paid for it with $8.7 billion in tax breaks. This illustrates why we need our Legislature to create tax incentive accountability.”

The demonstrations will be held outside the Renton plant from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, the union said, adding that thousands of other union members in Boeing's other Puget Sound factories would be wearing union T-shirts to show solidarity.