Bonney Lake family hurting after beloved dog is killed by a coyote

A Bonney Lake family is devastated after a vicious attack of their beloved dog. Lily, a 10 month-old bulldog, loved to lounge around with her best bud Vada. 

 “They really are like our children we love our two dogs,” Katie Earls said.

Earls is still in shock of the way Lily died Friday night.  Surveillance video captured the moment a coyote showed up in Earls’ front yard facing off with her two bulldogs. You see Vada the bigger one trying to fight off the coyote.

The three then move away from the camera’s view. 

 “It happened in 14 seconds and she was gone, it drug our dog Lily into the embankment here that’s where they are, there are really big packs,” Earls said.

She lives in Bonney Lake and just behind them is a wooded area by Fennel Creek where Earls’ husband found Lily after the vicious mauling.

“I’m glad that our husband was able to find her and get her, she was able to be with us for her last minutes,” Earls said.

Neighbors said wildlife sightings are becoming more common.

“We live in a city near a Walmart a lot of traffic and everything, it’s not something you would expect,” Earls said.

“We see 5 coyotes in the yard, they don’t run they are all watching my dog,” neighbor Deanna Hubert said.

Hubert says the attack on Lily is a wake-up call. She says people in the neighborhood feel trapped worried about wildlife animals coming after young kids and pets.

“We feel like they need to be relocated or something needs to be done,” Earls said.     

The Earls said their 8-year-old son is taking Lily’s death very hard and so is Vada.