Gen Z is reigniting the book club, with a twist

Younger generations are turning the page on typical book clubs.

Members of Gen Z are putting their spin on reading, focusing on specific genres or common interests, and bringing their book clubs to some unconventional places.

Eventbrite is seeing a surge in book club events, up 24% from 2022 to 2023. 

"At the heart of this increase in book club events is really young people. It's Gen Z; it's their desire to bring people together," said Roseli Ilano, Eventbrite’s Head of Community. 

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But they're not the same "stuffy" get-togethers of generations past.

Younger audiences are checking out book clubs that reflect specific communities, genres or common interests. 

For example, the ticketing site's data shows an 82% increase in queer book clubs’ attendance. And silent book clubs, where introverts get together to read but do not talk about the book, are up 16%.

"They offer a way to connect in deeper ways, right? Because books are about ideas; they're about inspiration," Ilano said.

They also offer alternatives to traditional booze-filled nightlife, something younger Americans appear to be craving.

"They're prioritizing their mental health and well-being," said Ilano.


FILE - A teen reading at an outdoor café. (Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

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And, these events are getting even more "lit" thanks to celebrity book clubs and social media platforms like TikTok’s literary corner known as BookTok.

That's why avid reader Samantha Mae Conley turned to social media to create the All Girls Book Club back in October.

"I felt like online was the best option for my book club because I wanted to offer something that was accessible to everybody," Conley said.

Within a few months, the group swelled to over 2,000 members from all over the world. 

Meanwhile, some readers are even joining book clubs centered around boozy brunches and dating events.